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“Unsung Heroes of One Laptop per Child,” interviewed live! The Hangouts we produce every two weeks (sometimes more often) showcase the stories of diverse digital learning projects from around the world. They give our global community a place to speak: each Hangout is live, allowing viewers to submit questions and receive answers, while the stories shared often start discussions that last long after the show is over.

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Unleash Kids Live Hangout in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Join us at Cazeau Christian Elementary School for a new hangout from the deployment here in Port-au-Prince!

Whether you’re getting impatient waiting for the next Hangout to start or regretting that you missed the last one, stay inspired by digging through our growing archives (signature shows are also reviewed in the drop-down menu at the top of this very page!)

Learning is a Community Adventure and we all work for free as volunteers to keep it that way! As such all are invited to comment on your own perspective right alongside our interviews and on our learning/design mailing list.

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